You should consume these things in the changing season

There are sudden changes in the weather, sometimes it is hot and sometimes it is cold. The decreasing cold brings with it many diseases and for this you should take these things.

Lukewarm water

A glass of lukewarm water in the morning can always keep you healthy. If you consume it daily, then you can avoid many diseases.

Green tea

Even if you do not drink green tea in the rest of the season, but when the weather is changing, you must consume it. Because it increases immunity in the body and cures diseases caused by the changing seasons.


You suck ginger daily in this changing season and this will increase immunity in your body, there will not be any disease in your body.


Along with protecting our body from cough cold, it increases the immunity of your body due to which there is no disease.

Dal Tadka

In the changing season, you keep consuming pulses with tadka from time to time because it reaches all the elements in your body and you avoid diseases.

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