who invented of mobile phone and history

history of mobile phone

The mobile was invented by Martin Cooper and john f in 1973. Which was Motorola’s phone. It began to be used commercially in 1983.

Sim card

The SIM card was invented in 1991 by smart card makers Giesecke and Devrient.

The mobile phone evolution

Before the mobile phone started talking about it, it used to wonder how the car would be running without wires and it could be talked like a phone in the car itself. Initially, when the mobile came, not everyone was easily accessible, those who had mobiles, used to show their nobility by taking mobile hands in their hands. Today it is easily accessible to all. Many forms are available in the market. The shops are crowded. From the laborer to the rich, from the child to the elderly Mobile has reached in. There has been so much change in the hands of the youngsters, in the hands of them, that their friends do not get free time, today the trend is increasing due to its success, it is now becoming the cause of tragedy.

Distance between people due to mobile

People have also reduced their distance and taken away their peace. Not only this, mobile has also entered in many areas due to accidents. Mobile has intensified relationships and taken away peace. Such rich people – who do not worry about spending, waste a lot of time in their families by considering the talks on mobile as their hobby or level. Eating, bathing, sleeping, even worshiping his adorable – when the phone rang? Thus mobile has taken away the peace. Mobile becomes the most tragedy when the family comes to know that your only loved one is in hospital due to accident due to talking on mobile.

The last breath is counting. This miraculous invention of science and mobile is so effective that its proper use reduced the distance, saving time and money. Preparedness in exchange of information. The apprehensions were reduced whether the male or female who went away reached the safe place on time. How happy this mobile was able to get and provide information moment by moment, it was all unexpected. In this way mobile became the major asset for human life. As the trend grew, so did the abuse and the misuse became a disaster and the Tandav started dancing. Due to convergence on mobile mobile phones on the moving days, incidents started to happen. This is why information is given and cautioned for its proper use.According to scientific research, excessive use of mobile is harmful to health. Treatment of impact on health due to mobile is also not easy.

growing influence of mobile

The waves emanating from the mobile have such a gradual effect on the body that man becomes deaf. Keeping the chest in the pocket near the heart affects the heart. When a man becomes accustomed to someone, then even if he has knowledge of loss, he is not able to live without it. Mobile also becomes such a habit that smack is not aware of the ill effects of the use of alcohol and can not leave it, which is to be used only to harm, then it is becoming difficult to stay apart from it if most of the mobile side is beneficial. The second disadvantage is that now mobile is also taking the place of good and bad information and advertising which has a negative impact on the student’s thoughts and brain. Most inventions bring both loss and profit.

If any invention of science is used correctly it is always beneficial and misuse is always harmful. Therefore, human beings should look after the usefulness of mobile and use it properly, then mobile is a wonderful gift of science for human and the need of every person. Mobile is not an object of hobby, but an object of good use.

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