Whenever you speak, speak thoughtfully because you might regret it later

Once a farmer called his neighbor very bad, but when he later realized his mistake, he visited a saint. He asked the saint the way to take back his words. The saint said to the farmer, “You collect tons of feathers and keep them within the middle of the town .” The farmer did an equivalent then reached the saint. Then the saint said, “Now go and collect those wings and convey them back.”

The farmer went back, but by then all the wings had flown here and there, and therefore the farmer reached the saint empty-handed. Then the saint told him that an equivalent thing happens with the words you say. you’ll easily remove them from your mouth, but you can’t take them back albeit you would like to.

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Before saying something bitter, remember that after saying good and bad, your words cannot be taken back after doing anything. Yes, you can go and ask for forgiveness from that person, but when you call someone bad, he tries to hurt you.

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