What is halloween, halloween horror nights, and halloween history

Halloween is a festival. Which is celebrated every year on 31 October night. This festival in which people wore scary clothes and lit candles to avoid ghosts and evil spirits. The term Halloween was first used in the sixteenth century, and the day came to be called All-hallows or All-hallowmas. Similarly, it is the festival of celtic people. Which started being celebrated on 31 October. And has come to be called All-hallows Eve and halloween. The modern holiday of Halloween holds its origin in the ancient.

On this day, the souls of their forefathers come to the earth. The way shraddh is celebrated for the peace of ancestors’ soul in India, similarly in countries like Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, England, New Zealand, and Australia it is also associated with peace of soul of their ancestors. People living in the Celts, now part of Ireland, the United Kingdom and France, used to celebrate November 1 as the New Year. Due to problems such as sickness and damaged crops causing the dead to live in the dead, so bonfires are often done at this festival, where sacrificial bones were thrown at the animals, costumes and masks were also an attempt. ,That were imitated in festivals to imitate evil spirits.

People of America also associate it with the harvesting of pumpkin. People hollow out the pumpkin, make eyes, nose and mouth in it and keep a candle inside. After which the pumpkin is buried. And people carry a bag the size of a pumpkin called Jack-o-Lantern. Taking a lot of candies and distributing it to others.

In the US, it is considered inauspicious to bite a black cat on Halloween evening.In some places on this day and throughout October, you cannot buy or adapt a cat because those who sell cats fear that the cat may not be sacrificed on this day.

Trick and treat

In America, children celebrate trick and treat on this day and go to the neighbors. house to talk trick and treat. The neighbors then call them treats and give them chocolate to eat. Tricks and treats were started by the Celtic people in which they used to call spirits by keeping food and drink outside their homes.

Christians all over the world celebrate Halloween and halloween is being celebrated in India as well. Talking about big cities, especially in metro cities, people are found celebrating Halloween. The youth is very excited about this. Many pubs and bars in Delhi and Mumbai offer it as a theme to attract customers. Today on 31 October Halloween is being celebrated all over the world.

On October 31, 2020, Blue Moon will be on Halloween for the first time in 76 years. According to the information, the last full moon on Halloween was in 1944. The rare All Hallows Eve full moon follows the harvest moon on October.

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