What can causes high blood pressure

Blood pressure often rises and falls several times, but if it persists for long intervals, it can be harmful to health. If there is hypertension. So let’s take precaution to avoid this disease.

High salt intake

Outside food or excessive salt in junk food makes people a victim of high blood pressure. So you should not eat too much salt. And eat less salt at home too.


Whatever unhealthy foods are, they contain preservatives, chemicals and refined etc. which are very harmful for health. Regularly eating them can increase blood pressure. So choose the right diet plan.

not exercising

Not exercising can affect your arteries. If they lose their elasticity, blood pressure may rise. Therefore, it is very important to do regular activities as exercise.

Drink more alcohol

Several researches have found that there is a direct relationship between alcohol and blood pressure. The least the alcohol is drunk, the better it is for health.

under stress conditions

When you are in stress for several days, your blood pressure starts to increase. So do not take stress. And go for a walk in the park or somewhere around you. You can get relief from stress by this. And your blood pressure will also not increase.


As much as alcohol makes a difference. Drinking the same amount of coffee makes a difference. It can stress and damage the body’s metabolism. so be careful. And drink less coffee.

Excess tobacco consumption

If you consume any type of tobacco product then you may have this problem. So whenever you feel like eating tobacco. chew chewing gum.

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