Man is a social animal. One who lives in the middle of a group of people plays many kinds of relationships in this group! Some relationships are selfless, while most relationships are founded on selfishness! The professional relationships we form, and from first to second, are based on profit! I am not saying that there is only selfishness behind all relationships, but yes in today’s world, most people see their benefit and form a relationship!

Friends, it happens many times that we get stuck in a dilemma and we need someone’s opinion, then we consult people around us what we should do, sometimes their opinions show us the right way, So sometimes it becomes our loss. But still, gives unnecessary advice to every person, you will not ask anything but he will implement your advice for you. If we do not have neighbors or people to advise us, our life will be 50% better. If our results have come, our family members do not offer any advice, but if the results do not come, they feel the same and the worst happens when other people recommend us to see their son. She goes. . Or his son got a good job. And his son is so educated. They think it means that what they say is right but life is ours and we should think for ourselves. But what pricks like an arrow is that when we are not allowed to do something or we are negotiated, they do not even think that we want to do something. If you have to do something, then you have to ignore these stupid things.

Think and understand

If you leave a selfless relationship like parents, siblings, true friends etc. that give you the right opinion, then most of the society and workplace people should take advice, but consider things carefully. Because many times the selfishness of those who give such advice is hidden in their advice! See that you listen to the advice, but after listening to it, do as you feel. Because listening to any advice is an inspiration. If you do not agree with them, remove it from your mind. Because in life you will find some people, who may also be people in your neighborhood. Which will give you unnecessary advice, not for your purpose. Therefore, do not get caught in these unnecessary fights and ignore all these things. Therefore listen to your conscience.

Friends, I am not saying that everyone will give you selfish advice, but in this competitive era, if we take any advice from the sieve of our conscience, it will be better! You may not agree with me completely, but somewhere in today’s era this is true.

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