The invention of TV was a divine achievement for the world. This device brought the world very close. From the invention of television (1873) till now, there have been changes in its form, construction and development. As the development progressed, its form shone. This device gave an opportunity to see the world closely.

Good programs, ideas, news, cultures, civilizations, living, eating habits, festivals and other activities and events of the world have brought revolution to us by making us knowledgeable.

Entertainment also got rich and general knowledge also increased rapidly.

Films and dramas were also broadcast by television, which provided us entertainment and education, as well as being instrumental in the development of languages. Provided the world a common platform. As soon as we sat at home, we started seeing the world. Global fraternity and globalization also received growth on this basis. Gradually, marketization started and the specter of superstition also fell on this device of entertainment and belief. Magic – sorcery, tantra – mantras and hypocritical sages and babas started misusing the devotion – spirit, faith and beliefs of the people through this device. Ideologies like Bhoot – Phantom Serial, Witchcraft programs, predictions and black magic, Lal Kitab started confusing people. Today, along with luck and horoscope, false and imaginary beliefs were served to the people.

Star campaigners, among whom well-known actors have started taking false and absolutely false propaganda with crores of money.

If a swastika sign, which is 10 rupees, is falling below its level to bring happiness and prosperity in the house by selling for three thousand, then someone is claiming to end the tension inside the people by selling camphor oil. Some Baba is charging thousands of rupees by pretending to show grace to a person by feeding him samosa or kheer, then by selling the owl’s eye, and claiming to increase the light of the eyes, he is forcibly extorting money from the simple people. Little children are being seduced or intimidated by cartoon films and ghost serials, and superstition is being created by showing what does not happen.

Never repeat the program shown on tv

Someone is flying here and there with magic, becoming ‘He-Man’ and ‘Spider-Man’ and jumping from the sky and teaching children to do the same.

Small children were seen dying by jumping from roofs by doing that blind and imaginary action themselves. Another example is presented before you in the name of superstition. 10 rings in your hands, many chains and garlands around your neck, big dresses put on your forehead and wearing attractive clothes, like wizards, men and women throwing a web of superstition say – if you wear a black horseshoe ring, your business

Or will it be good to study, how many channels for many things,

to earn their profit, are pushing all untrusted species into the deep pit of superstition.

In this web of superstition, only the poor, troubled and trapped in the crisis of family life are trapped,

and these hypocritical Baba loot their body, mind and wealth. TV us Entertainment and knowledge programs should be seen only in serials, programs.

The programs presented by the impostors and superstitious people are misleading and enticing and beyond the reality should not be seen.

The government should also ban such activities so that we do not become superstitious.

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