The truth of the beating of dolls on the day of Nagpanchami in Uttarakhand

In Lucknow, if women who are worshiped as mother, sometimes daughter, sometimes sister and sometimes wife, are beaten at the crossroads, then it is like hurting their honor. Women are beaten up in the form of dolls at the crossroads on the day of Nagpanchami, not from today but for years. The beating is none other than the same man who has described himself as the protector of women. Now the initiative to stop this tradition has started. Taking the responsibility of stopping the practice of beating dolls, a women’s organization said that now for Nagpanchami, dolls will not be beaten but will have to swing. On the festival of Nagpanchami celebrated before Rakshabandhan in the month of August.

Story of this festival

It is believed that a king’s girl who was affectionately called as Gudiya. She falls in love with the son of the king of another kingdom. Gudiya’s brothers do not accept her love for the prince of the enemy kingdom, due to which they beat Gudiya in the middle of the crossroads. He is so beaten at the crossroads that he dies. After Gudiya’s death, her seven brothers declare in the society that if someone does such an immoral act, then his fate will be the same. From that day onwards this tradition continued every year and cloth dolls were made and beaten at the intersections. This tradition continues till date.

Taking the initiative to end this long-standing practice, women’s organizations have started raising the demand that the tradition of beating the dolls should be stopped. Women’s organizations say that people will have to be made aware for this. The tradition of beating dolls on Nagpanchami is a symbol of female oppression.

In view of the increasing incidents of harassment of women, now the tradition of swinging the swing will be started instead of beating the dolls to the new generation. At the same time, people who believe in tradition are against it. They say that the tradition of beating dolls is centuries old and no one has the right to break it.

This festival is also associated with Nagpanchami.

According to another legend, Garuna, the enemy of a serpent, attacked a serpent, to escape from which the serpent sought the help of a woman. At that time the woman helped the snake. But she could not hide this truth for long. And told Garun about the snake, then angry with that woman, the snake cursed her that one day in a year would come when she would be beaten up.

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