The Myths And Realities Of The Dog

The dog can be a pet and has proved to be a truly useful and obedient animal for humanity. It is found in many breeds everywhere on Earth. It is a truly vigilant animal and performs its duties very sincerely. It is considered to be the pet and companion of humans. It gives a personal crammed with love and honest. It loves and respects its owner very much and can support him everywhere. It symbolizes his love for the owner by shaking the tail and licking his hand or mouth. It helps its owner in some way or the other throughout its life. It removes the loneliness of individuals by giving them favorable support. It does not allow any unknown person to enter inside his house or touch anything of the owner. Whenever a stranger comes towards the house, he barks loudly.

It is very smart

Whenever strangers or thieves ignore its barking or do some mischief, it can bite. Some people get scared of it easily though some are never afraid of it. Some people who keep domesticated sheep must have dogs because they are very useful for sheep care. It is a truly caring animal and can capture strangers, thieves and criminals, even where they are hidden somewhere. Dogs use their sniffing ability to hunt hidden thieves or criminals. Due to its caring nature and intelligence, it is commonly employed by police, military or other investigative departments to catch bloodshed and criminals. It takes the policemen to the place where the killer or criminal is hiding.

It never leaves its owner, whether it is poor, beggar or rich. It obeys all orders of its owner very sincerely. It is alert within the shortest time in the service of its owner, whether it is day or night. Therefore, it is called a truly faithful animal. It is of a really alert nature and takes action very quickly after noticing a very slow sound in the dark. It realizes the presence of its owner through its smell from afar.

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