We should focus on sports and health

Sports are not just the use of free time, but the regular requirement of life. In your routine The person who has given space for sports is always happy. Stays healthy, stays strong One does not get distracted by big troubles. There is confidence in the youth, ability of leadership is generated, willpower is always strong. The power of the organization is realized. Disappointments never follow such a person. Smiling on lips, confidence in talks, enthusiasm in mind, development of healthy thoughts keep the herd together. Therefore, sports is synonymous with health. Unhealthy body cannot have the feeling of play.

An unhealthy body becomes a curse, that is to say, it is deprived of all the joy of life. There is frustration in the mind, there is jealousy, even when completely unable, there is anger. In the absence of wealth, a person can experience happiness. In the absence of wealth, a person living a normal life can maintain the desire for happiness by tolerating the circumstances, but despite the absence of health, he is not able to experience happiness despite everything in front. Therefore, one who is in good health can aspire to do everything and get everything.

That’s why lively men say that human beings should always be conscious about health. The one who learned to play regularly, learned to travel regularly in the morning, he learned everything. Disease – The disease runs away from him. Life’s physical pleasures can be attained only when the body is healthy. A healthy young man can play in the absence of material. It is not necessary that special tools should be mobilized for the game.

Although today the games are also of different levels. High level people find the level for the game. Players find a game for the game. Even if you do not have a partner, you can also play alone for fun. In Premchand’s story, in ‘Bade Bhai Saheb’, the younger brother goes to the gate and goes back and forth when nobody is there. Therefore, special means are not required for the game, but interest is required for the game. Today sports instruments are expensive in the name of sports equipment.

They think that there will be neither means nor play, that is, ‘neither will there be nine mind oil nor radha will dance’. ‘Today, to maintain their standard, they want to keep the children imprisoned at home, they have gathered the means of sports in the house, which deprives the child from group sports.

Today playing alone on computer. Such games lead to monthly sports, but physical games are not possible. Physical sports are collective outside the home, for that sportsmanship is there, then it is not necessary that only sports equipment purchased from the market should be expensive. It is said in Ayurveda that food is enjoyed when you are hungry and you enjoy cold shade when you sweat through hard work. There is a feeling of joy in normal food in cold shade cloud of fatigue.

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Such bliss is not felt in a variety of dishes to the diseased body. The feeling of joy is different, the taste throws the food away. Healthy child plays with interest, increases digestive power, loud appetite. In such a situation, such nutritious diet of the market is left behind, for which the food is forced by the advertisements.

After sports and games, fast hunger and enjoyment of food and food without any powder, digestion of food and body sacrifice, all processes are completed on their own like an automatic machine. For such young children, doctors can never be powerful by gathering any national power – if the residents of that nation are not always needed. Do not be healthy. Today, the identity of the advanced nation is the healthy young man of that nation, in which indomitable enthusiasm is seen. If this is not done then all the equipment are kept in the loop.

Therefore, if we want toIf the nation is advanced, if the power is strong, then the youth of that nation should be healthy and healthy. It is only possible that human beings take time out from busy time and give regular time for exercise and sports. It should be a part of life. We, while playing healthy, inspire others to play and be healthy.

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