nobel prize categories and First Look At Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is the world’s highest prestigious award given in peace, literature, physics, chemistry, medicine and economics. This award is being given since 1901 for the outstanding work in the above mentioned subjects, irrespective of gender, caste, religion, country etc. Currently, the prize money is 8 lakh 25 thousand dollars. Apart from this, gold medals and certificates are also given to the winners.

So far, about 625 talented individuals have won the award, out of which only 25 are women. The Nobel Prize is named after Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a great scientist from Sweden. On 21 October 1833, Nobel Monsieur was born in a very poor family in a city called Stockholm, Sweden. Nevertheless, with his hard work and dedication, he surprised the world by discovering important explosives like dynamite in 1866. Due to this research, his name started ringing all over the world and he got immense wealth. Before death, an amount of 90 lakh dollars was collected with him.

Then he wrote a will – “After my death, my deposit should be deposited in a bank and every year, with the interest it receives, the people doing important work for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace should be rewarded. “After his death on 10 December 1896, according to the rules, Nobel prizes are being given regularly for every year since 1901, with interest of 90 million dollars in bank-capital. goes.

Whenever there is more than one number of people eligible for the award in any one subject, the prize money is distributed equally among all. If there are no eligible candidates for a particular field in a year, then the award of that field is postponed that year. There are some Indians among those who have been awarded Nobel Prize. Rabindranath Tagore (1913) for literature, Dr.CV for physics. Raman (1929), Dr. Indian of Indian origin in biology. Hargovind Khurana (1973), Mother Teresa for Peace (1979) and Prof. for Economics.

Nobel prize winners

The names of Amatriya Sen (1998) are notable. Nobel Prize means that every member of the Nobel family has the distinction of winning the Nobel Prize. Madame Curie has been awarded the Nobel Prize twice herself and her husband, daughter and son-in-law once. Getting Nobel Prize is a matter of pride for anyone, it is a matter of pride for that nation as well. The nation of which he is a citizen.

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