money transfer: Do not panic while transferring money

In the digital age, every work is being done online. Banking, payment, booking, shopping, ration, milk and even fruit vegetables have increased the trend online more nowadays.Nowadays people are avoiding going to the bank. Most payments and money transfers are being done online.If you want to send money to someone you know or in your family, then you are transferring money online. So this saves time and keeps you safe. But sometimes in a hurry or by mistake money gets transferred to wrong account i.e. another account. And you don’t understand and you get nervous. And you lose hope of getting your money? Will the money come back or not? If this ever happened to you.So today I will tell you what you should do in such a situation? Was a businessman. Which neither he gave any OTP nor any other information. The businessman lost one crore rupees from the bank in one stroke. Actually, many such incidents have come to light in the last few times, in which many people ‘money has been transferred to a wrong account.

Many people have become victims of online fraud. Many people get fake calls on the bank. More details have been sought. Even by giving just a missed call, money has been blown out of many people’s accounts.

Rising fraud case in corona epidemic

During the Corona epidemic, such incidents are increasing rapidly.

So all the money from that businessman’s account was cleared.

Usually no transaction can occur without OTP. International debit only, excluding credit card transactions. There has been no transaction with anyone in this incident. Transferred from that merchant’s account to different accounts. Money transfer requires OTP. Cannot transfer without it. If your money has accidentally gone to another person’s account.So first you have to inform the bank.Banks check your given information.Is your money accidentally transferred to another account? Or someone has withdrawn money incorrectly. After checking the bank completely, you will be given full money from the bank.But the thing is that the SIM card businessman had. But the merchant did not tell anyone the OTP. Will you tell how? There was no OTP in his mobile. The answer is that these thugs swapped SIMs. Must be in your mind now. What is that sim swap? before this!

Let you know before. What to do when you withdraw money from your account?

  • First of all you have to stop your ATM card number and Internet banking service.
  • Report the entire case to the police. A copy of the FIR has to be submitted to the bank.
  • Bank will check your withdrawn money based on FIR.
  • If you have any type of fraud. So you will get full money back.

What to do if you transfer money to the wrong bank?

  • If you accidentally transferred money to another person’s account. So first of all, go to your bank and find out which person you have transferred money to.
  • How can you get money back if you give proof of transfer by mistake?
  • The person whose money has been transferred to the account. I met him at his bank.
  • According to the Reserve Bank, money is withdrawn without your permission, then you will have to inform the bank of this incident within 3 days. By doing this you can save money. And the bank will return the money to your account.

What is sim swap

Sim swap means. If you want to replace your old SIM card and get a new SIM card from the same number, then it is called SIM swap. Mobile holders need this sometimes. May be required. When your mobile is stolen. Or is lost? . Then you take another SIM card of the same number. When sim cut. Or breaks down. When you port the SIM. Like Vodafone to Airtel SIM. But the thugs use it incorrectly.

For SIM swap, the thugs hacked the businessman’s mobile and knew all personal information like name address, ID number, banking information, Aadhaar card etc. That businessman must have visited an infected app in secure website, SMS or email infected link or fising website. With which all the information must have reached the thugs. With which all the information must have reached the thugs. And after this the thugs did SIM swapping because they only needed OTP.

Avoid sim swap fraud

  • Make sure to come while copying photo of Aadhar card etc.Do not leave photo copy of in the shop.
  • Do not use net banking over public wifi like railway station public wifi hotspot bus stand without wifi.
  • Put the correct spelling on the bank’s URL. There should be no spelling mistake.
  • ‘Https:’ is required in the bank or any URL. If you have HTTP, do not go to these websites. S Only if it happens. Then go.
  • Do not download any app from the website in your mobile. Download from the App Play Store on your mobile.
  • OTP never tell anyone.
Now money will not come out of ATM without mobile

Now, money will not come out of ATMs without mobiles. The Reserve Bank of India alerts its customers from time to time. In fact, ATMs have the highest number of fraud cases in the banking system. To prevent similar fraud, the country’s largest government bank is changing the rules for withdrawing money from ATMs. If you also have an account with State Bank of India. So let’s know what. New Rules . SBI will also implement the OTP based facility on ATMs to prevent unauthorized transactions occurring at ATMs. Earlier, this facility was applied only for withdrawing more than 10 thousand rupees.

Whose time was kept from 8 am to 8 am. But now this facility will work 24 hours and seven days. You have to take your mobile to ATM. When you withdraw from the ATM. So first an OTP will come on your mobile. Which you need to enter along with your debit PIN. Then you can withdraw money from ATM? SBI is the largest banking network in the country. More than 6.6 crore customers of this bank use mobile banking and ATM facilities.

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