Low cost business ideas from home

If you want to start business. So today we are giving you information about such a business, by starting which you can earn a lot of income. No big investment is required in this business. Due to which men to women can easily earn a lot sitting at home. Let’s know

Tuition centre at home

You can start your own tuition center at home as per your educational qualification. In today’s era, there are many such young boys and girls who are also studying and are also taking tuition classes in their homes. In this business, your earning is based on your time and investment you need a house. If you want to start a small tutoring center, you can also start by combining teachers from a few other subjects. For Online Teaching you do not need to go to any coaching or institute and teach the student, you just have to stay in your home and teach your student.


Sitting at home, you can do sewing work easily, if you know sewing, then you can do it, if not, then take a few days course from someone in which he teaches you to sew completely, different types of designs Learn to make, that’s how you learn to sew. In today’s time, everyone has to get clothes sewn, in such a situation, you can seal the clothes in your own home, you will easily find a customer in your colony or in your city. Machine foot operated, hand operated and electronic sewing machine etc are available in the market, you can buy machine according to your convenience, they can earn a good amount through sewing. This is the time of fashion and in this way this business will be 100 percent successful.

Dance classes

Nowadays many people want to become a dancer. People watch dance on TV channels. If you have interest in dance then you can start your own dance classes. You can make the style of your dance your identity. So you can even take the place on rent. You can take both Group and Private classes as per your convenience. You can teach dance at home or in the park. Friends, if you teach dance then you cannot even imagine how much profit you will get.

Beauty parlour

Beauty parlor business comes with customers who regularly visit beauty parlors to maintain their beauty, and others who visit beauty parlors to look beautiful because of a special event or wedding, but there is no doubt about it. The main customers of beauty parlor business are women, so beauty parlor business is also very popular among women. Beauty parlor is very fast growing business of generation all over the world. Many women in India are successfully running beauty parlor by doing beauty parlor course i.e. beautician course and you can do good business by opening beauty parlor at home.

Book store

Xerox, lamination and book are all traditional city trades which have been going on for many years. This business can be started easily by a single person and its cost is also very less. In this business you especially need 2-3 electronic machines like xerox machine, lamination machine and computer. After purchasing these items, you will need a rental space to shop and pay some hefty expenses like ink, toner, paper and electricity bills. You can start this business at your home also. all you need is an empty room.

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