It is beneficial in summer season, these vegetables

Special attention is paid to catering in the summer season. Although there are only a few vegetable options in this season, during the summer season, the body can catch many diseases, to avoid this, it is advisable to consume a variety of diets. The month from May to July remains hot. In such a situation there is a danger of heat stroke. Today we are going to tell you about those green vegetables which prevents heatstroke and in summer these vegetables should be consumed.

leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are less in summer, but they are beneficial in this season. It does not allow water and nutritional deficiency and helps to keep you healthy.


Gourd is very beneficial in digestive problems during summer season. It contains potassium, sodium and vitamin C as well as essential nutrients and plenty of water. It will also help in reducing your weight.


Different types of cucumber and cucumis are full of benefits in themselves. It is helpful in maintaining moisture in the body by preventing dehydration as well as protecting against heat outbreak.

Raw mango

raw mango Raw mango starts coming in this season and its intake is very beneficial. Not only mango vegetable or chutney, you can also avoid heat by making it panna.


cauliflower vegetable will help in your digestion in the summer season and will also get rid of constipation. It is full of fiber and nutrients.

Broccoli is the most important

Broccoli is the most important source of vitamin A and vitamin K. That is why it helps to keep you fully hydrated in summer.

Tomato and Tomato Soup

Tomatoes also contain 94 percent water content. Also, the skin is also bright by eating tomatoes. And drinking tomato soup is also beneficial.

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