how to run two whatsapp in one mobile

Friends, today we will tell you how to run two WhatsApp in one phone? India has 56.5 million internet users and most of them are Android users and all run WhatsApp. In India, almost everyone has two sims in a phone, one of which is a private number, whose numbers are only with a certain number of people and a second SIM with which all other work is done. Or friends if we have two sims in the phone, we often think that whatspp can be used on both sims, but now you can do that. That too will easily go away if you have any questions in your mind. By the way, there are many ways to run dual whatsapp in the phone, like many phones have a feature of two accounts, using which you can easily run two WhatsApp in the same phone.

Whatsapp feature

WhatsApp does not provide the facility to install two WhatsApp in one phone. Today we have brought a solution to your problem. In which we will tell you how you can run two WhatsApp in one phone without any problem.

Important things

Your phone must have whatsapp. Otherwise install it. You cannot run two WhatsApp because for this you need a dual sim phone because WhatsApp makes a message or call for verification, so two sim phone is required. Otherwise you cannot run dual whatsapp.

1. Run 2 Whatsapp with Mobile’s Dual App

Many mobile companies offer Dual App inbuilt service along with their mobiles. Like if we talk about MI Mobiles, then it comes with features by default. With which the user can create a Dual App of any app and with the help of this you can also double your WhatsApp with Dual App and run 2 whatsapp in one phone app.

How to check whether your mobile has this feature or not:

For this, first go to your phone settings and search there Dual App or Clone App.

If you have this feature in your phone, then an icon is found on searching.

With his help, you can create a Dual App of any app, and you can also create a double app of your WhatsApp and run two WhatsApp in one phone.

First of all open the Dual Apps settings of your phone. Select the app you want to clone. (Here you have to select Whatsapp)

Wait for the processor to complete. Now a new WhatsApp logo will appear on your home screen. Tap on it. Now login with another number and use it.

2. Parallel Space App

You can make a duplicate app of any app installed in your phone with the help of Parallel Space App. With its help, you can run two WhatsApp in one phone or any app that you want to run.

Download and install Parallel Space App from Play Store.

On opening the app, you will see some apps icons. Which is installed in your phone. All these are already automatic selections, so remove all of them and just select whatsapp.

Now click on Add to Parellel Space button.

Your second whatsapp is ready, click on it and open it and run whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp is an app that allows you to run double WhatsApp. This app is not found on Play Store because it does not follow the Play Store policy. You can download it directly from Google, which you will get easily. It has a lot more features than normal WhatsApp, which is described below.

Download and install the GB whatsapp app from Google.

Open the app and verify by entering your number and enter the name. And you can create dual whatsapp by going to the setting.

This Whatsapp can also be fake

If you talk about my opinion, then I would say that GB WhatsApp is not safe from anywhere because it is not being supported officially, and I will tell you that you should always install only official apps in your smartphone, only then your mobile will be secure. | Now it is up to you whether you have to use GB whatsapp or not.

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