How to get rid of blocked nose

Due to the changing weather, many folks have a severe problem of closed nose because of colds and colds. because of closed nose, people become irritable completely which they do not even desire working. to urge obviate this, people consume a selection of medicines, but you’ll definitely get obviate this significant issue by adopting some home remedies. Today we’ll show you some easy remedies to urge relief from blocked nose.


Boil mint leaves in water. Then steam with this water. Doing this 2 times during each day will provide quick relief.

Lemon and Honey

Mix a few of drops of honey in one teaspoon of juice and drink it 2-3 times every day . this might soon get obviate the matter of blocked nose.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is extremely beneficial for opening a closed nose. Drink two spoons of apple vinegar and half a teaspoon of honey during a glass of warm water. Drinking it as soon as you awaken within the morning will give more benefit.

Garlic Soup

Add garlic bud in minestrone and drink. apart from this, use garlic in food.

can also use inhaler

If closed nose does not heal. So you can use inhaler or several medicines.

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