Many languages ​​are spoken in India. The main language of India is Hindi. Hindi combines all the countrymen into one sutra. Culturally, there are visions of unity in India’s diversity. Hindi is the national language of India. According to the 34th section of the constitution. September 1950 was declared as the national language. The official language of the Union will be Hindi and the script Devanagari.

At that time it was decided that the Constitution be implemented. After 5 years, Hindi will be the national language of this country, that is, until 1965, English was recognized as the official language, but due to some reasons, English is still the language in our country. Hindi could not get the place it should have got. Hindi is simple and comprehensible language. It is a scientific language. What is spoken in it. The same is written. Its literature is rich. Tulsi, Sur, Meera, Gurunanak composed poetry in this language. Many writers and poets aroused national consciousness in the people of the country through Hindi medium. In this way, Hindi can contribute significantly to national unity.

mother tongue

The development and national character of the country is safe in mother tongue. In this regard, great men have acknowledged the importance of mother tongue. Not only Swami Dayanand, Vivekananda, Tilak, Malaviya ji, foreign scholar MaxMuller also bridged the praise of Hindi. Progressive countries like Japan, China, Russia have given importance to their mother tongue and are continuously in progress. Do not know why India is the only country that does not like anything, but the matter of foreign goods is different in every region, their culture also attracts. The country became independent.

After independence there was a feeling among the people that efforts will be made at the national level for the development of Hindi. Policies were made for the improvement of mother tongue that the medium of instruction would be mother tongue. Without English knowledge, there will be no problem. In view of the apprehensions of non-Hindi speaking regions, a national policy was formed on the trilingual. Which, if not adopted properly, the matter of development of languages was hidden in the wavering policy. This wavering policy increased the interest of the states towards the English language. Famous people took special care of mother tongue along with Hindi. He had given the idea that elementary education should be in the mother tongue and to maintain the importance of Hindi at the national level, knowledge of Hindi should be mandatory. In non-Hindi regions, Hindi should be studied instead of English.

There should be a provision of English language study after primary school. There were attempts, due to lack of proper efforts, English established its dominance. Educated people not having knowledge of English started thinking themselves as hay. People began to develop the feeling that due to globalization, knowledge of English can only help in their progress.

There is not so much power in other languages. This ideology gave rise to public schools. The number of public schools grew, so much that it multiplied. Children from affluent families started getting admission in these schools. By considering them as centers of higher education, best education, even the common people started trying to send their children to these schools. Thus public schools continued to grow, student numbers also increased. Governments also could not deny the domination of English. Every year the number of millionaires also increased and these schools showed breathtaking attractions to woo them. In the government schools, only the children of very normal family were compelled and yearning to study. Public schools opened in remote areas due to attraction towards public schools, in which Hindi language is not given any importance. In this way, the plight of Hindi or other mother tongues grew. When a highly educated young man knocks on the door of international companies for a job with his degrees, his dreams are broken without knowledge of English.

Taking advantage of this situation, clever people opened institutions to teach English and introduced to the increasing dominance of English and the prevalence of English increased and interest in their language declined. Although the importance of English cannot be denied, but if we do not pay attention to our mother tongue, then you will be truly foreign in your own country. As a result of this, the culture will fall on its culture and it has fallen.

If there is no dominance of our eternal culture, there will be nothing but to be trampled on the world stage. Even physical wealth will not be safe when we all become insecure due to mutual distance. This was the reason why a well-known mother like Mahatma Gandhi could not deny the importance of mother tongue. Except mother tongue, you will become hanger of others. Sometimes it seems that our destiny is to become a hanger. There is happiness in being a hanger, that too is like being a hanger of others. May God give us wisdom.

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