Do this yoga to improve the immune system

Hello guys how are you hope i will be quality If you are healthy, there can be no different happiness than this. But this is viable solely when your immune device is strong. When your immune machine works higher then your physique receives the potential to battle in opposition to diseases. Let us inform you these days such yogasanas, which make your immune device better-

marjari asana

By doing marjari asana, blood circulation in your physical improves and at the equal time cleanses your congestion, so that your immune device works properly.

To exercise this yoga pose, first of all take a seat on the mattress with your palms and knees. Then, retaining your backbone straight, increase your lower back and head like a cow and loosen up your stomach.


By performing Sethubandhasana, the ache in your hips reduces and alongside with it they enhance blood circulation in your body. To operate this asana, first lie down on the floor on your back. Keep each your legs straight via bending and maintain a distance of at least 10 to 12 inches between the two legs.

Now increase your decrease again upwards. Take each your palms backwards and area them on the ground.

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