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Hello friends, are you also engaged in long queues for small bank works in this corona pandemic and keep wasting your time on your watch again and again. Even working ATMs are not guaranteed. But now we can do our bank work like sending money, checking balance, depositing cash, transfer etc… from our smart phone sitting at home, that too in a few seconds today in this post we will tell you about some such apps. Will tell. Which will make all your work easier.

But there are many people who do not believe in online transactions on these apps at all. Even today, those people prefer to do transactions in cash by withdrawing cash from the bank. They feel that it is not safe and some fraud can happen to them. But the apps mentioned below are absolutely safe. All your information in these apps will be private and secure.


Friends, with this app you can do any kind of recharge and you can also do shopping from paytm mall. Along with this, you can also make any kind of payment. You can also see the history of your transaction in this app. Users can also transfer money from bank account to wallet if needed. You can now use 10 other languages for your ease to use Paytm. Any kind of mobile recharge, payment and shopping can be done with Paytm.


This is a very good and popular app, it is being used by many people in today’s time for money transfer. Many features have been given in this too and it is a good app as well as you can keep the account secure with it in a very good way, as well as it supports for Bank to Bank Transaction. And it is the second most used app for online transaction after Paytm and you get very nice features inside it.

Google pay

This app is Google’s digital payment app. Only for Indians. With this Google app, you can send money anywhere, anytime, with Google’s security. There is no charge for doing transaction up to 50,000 in this app. Meaning if you use Google Pay App then you can easily make all your digital payments and also you get money in the form of Cashback and Rewards for using it.


This app is also completely safe. With this app you can do both saving and current transactions. With the BHIM app, we can also send and receive money from one account to another in a few minutes. If you are using the BHIM app and the person you want to send money is using any other UPI apps, you can still send money to him easily, for this you just have to enter the UPI ID of that person. There will be no need to fill any bank details.


Freecharge is a wallet app through which you can do online mobile recharge from your mobile, its most important function is to do mobile recharge, so you can also do prepaid and postpaid recharge online. You can transfer money with FreeCharge. FreeCharge App keeps on giving you offers from time to time so that you can get free cashback and thus you can recharge your mobile and all these payment money gets debited from our account online and your recharge saves a lot of money.

keep these things in mind

friends, we told you about the best online money transfer apps but you should keep these things in mind:-

  • If you are using these apps, then note that if anyone asks for KYC on the phone through these apps, then you do not need to tell anything. Because KYC is not demanded on the phone by these apps. He can cheat you in the name of KYC.
  • If someone else is using your phone, do not give them your phone or any bank details. Because he can withdraw money or other information from your phone. Keep important apps on your phone locked.

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