If you are also fond of games, then here we are going to tell you about the fun Android games in this article. Let’s have a look on this list

top online games in Android

Free fire

Free Fire is running at number 1 these days. It is considered the biggest rival game of the pub. But in the meantime, free fire also became very popular. People who were playing pubs. They are also playing Free Fire nowadays. Free fires are being played everywhere around the world. This game is very good.

Call of duty

If you are fond of mobile gaming then this game is very good for you. And the game is competing against pubs and free fires. This game is also becoming very popular.

Clash of clans

It is a very popular game nowadays. In which you have to make your empire. And soldiers have to fight with others. And you will start getting coins and resources. This will keep your empire bigger and stronger. You will like this game very much.

Lord mobile kindom wars

It is a very popular game nowadays. This game is like clash of clans. In which you have to make your empire. And have to fight with others.

Pokemon go

This is a very fun game. In which Pokemon have to catch the real roaming. You can enjoy this game real life. But it also has many dangers. Whenever you play the game, you only play in the empty space. Otherwise, some people were seen not paying attention to their surroundings. And the accident happens. But still the craze for it is increasing among people. I believe that whenever you played the game. So play in an empty space and see the environment around you.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

This game is built on one world. Which is an action, adventure game. In this, a player reaches the world. And he overcomes the difficulties of the world. It helps and kills people there. This is a very interesting game.

Cover fire

Playing this game is very easy. In this game, enemies can be easily killed. This is a shooting game. It consists of missions. They have to be completed. This is a very fun game.

top offline games in Android

Candy crush saga

This is a very fun game. This is a great game for free time and it is liked by many users. And it’s a fairly easy game. It has to cross levels.

Subway surfers

This is an endless runner game. In this game you have to run on railway tracks and avoid the trains coming from the front. This is a great game. This game is liked by many users.

Temple run 2

The game has received very good ratings. This is a runner game. The player appears to be running at the beginning of this game. He has to jump. And we have to move.

Nin jump

This game is made on Ninja of Japan. This game game is very easy and fun. In which only tap has to be done. And the ninja moves up.

Hill climb racing

This is a fun road game. In this, you sometimes have to make a spectacular climb in your car. And the coins found on the way have to be collected. Go as far as you can. And you can repair your car with a coin. Can buy stage and car.

Fruit ninja

This is a simple game. And it is being liked around the world. In this game you have to cut fruit. And score has to be made.

Unicorn dash

This game is very funny. In this game, a horse has to move forward by avoiding high and low paths.

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