Amazing benefits of yogurt intake in summer

Yogurt gives strength to our body and brain as well as prevents many diseases. Regular yogurt intake clears blood and calms the mind, leads to hunger. It is helpful in keeping the body healthy. It has amazing ability to fight against diseases like cancer. Regular intake of it in summer relieves boils and pimples. Today I am going to tell you about the benefits of yogurt.

Indigestion problem

If there is a problem of indigestion from eating more food then grind the same amount of rock salt, black pepper and roasted cumin and eat it after mixing it in curd. Will get rest. Drinking this powder only in water after meals is also beneficial, but take it until the indigestion is relieved.

In summertime

It is helpless to come in the hot sun in summer. Many times there is heatstroke and the stomach gets upset. Heat also worsens health. In such a situation, taking a mixture of curd and barley is beneficial. Mouth burns by drinking or eating hot things in a hurry, in this case, drinking water immediately after adding yogurt provides relief. If there is a blister in the mouth due to heat, eating fresh curd and honey in equal quantity provides relief.

Skin dryness

By applying curd paste on the body, the dryness of the skin is removed and the skin is soft and soft. Mixing lemon juice in curd makes the body glow on the face, elbow, neck, heel and hands. Drinking honey in Lassi enhances the beauty of the body.

Precautions you should know

  • – Do not consume curd at night.
  • – Do not eat yogurt kept in freeze.
  • – It is best to freeze and keep it in an earthen pot.
  • – Curd should not be taken in case of fever, cough or cold.

Other uses

  • – Applying the same amount of curd and mustard oil and applying it to get rid of boils and pimples occurring in summer. It should be applied thrice a day.
  • – High blood pressure and cholesterol are controlled by curd intake.
  • – Its regular intake keeps the heartbeat right.

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