Advertisements have influenced each region. Advertising is such a psychological effect that through which the general object also appears to be important. Human emotions are exploited through advertisements. The covers of the item are changed and the same item is sold in the name of new by increasing the price. Millions are spent in advertisements. The silver is deducted from the people who come in advertisements, the value of that silver is charged from the customers. Actors, actresses and other people appearing in advertisements charge for their skill and beauty. The advertisers are selfish with their silver and have nothing to do with the decline of society. The rationale behind the advertisements is that we send information to the customers. This is true, but what the ideals of advertisements are is not determined. The circulation of advertisements is gaining momentum. Now advertisements are being given for every kind of work.

Through advertising, man easily makes his work sitting at home easy. No work has to be found. Advertisements can also increase and decrease the demand of an item in a day with its capacity. For this reason, in present times, business organizations use them to increase their business. With the help of advertisement, unmarried youth – helps the young women to have a suitable life partner, jobless unemployed, leaders to promote their policies and people get information about new items. Advertising is also a major source of livelihood for millions of people. ‘Classified ads’ published in newspapers, magazines, employment, education, astrology, name change, search for the missing, beauty, buying and selling etc. highlight various fields. At present, there is hardly any subject which has not affected the advertisement.

Due to advertisements, today humans are competing to humiliate each other. Today, if a new item is seen in the hand of a neighbor’s child, then tomorrow he has to bring it himself for the sake of the children, even if they do not want the same stuff because the child sees today or tomorrow, he gets information about this new item through advertisements. When looking at a poster of an advertisement or by looking at a picture in it, sometimes I feel myself that I should look like this or else buy that item.

Whether you want to wake up in the morning or not, whether or not TV goes on in your house, but you get to hear or see advertisements, sometimes oil, sometimes tea, sometimes soap is advertised. Whether to keep your skin soft and soft or the secret of my long dark thick hair Dabur Amla hair oil. All of these are heard somewhere. The effect of advertisements is so effective that if two people are talking among themselves, somewhere in between their talk, advertisement is definitely mentioned. Today we bring some new items to the house by listening to or seeing advertisements. Today people consume all kinds of food items. They reach them only through advertisements. Now listen to the name of Safola, Sunflower, Fortun or Dhara in ripfined oils. In today’s new film, the hero – heroine, which clothes are worn, which hair style have they used.

You get to see all these things in people’s homes immediately because we are instantly impressed by them. In fact, today’s man has become an advertisement in itself. It is mostly available in everyone’s homes. Now take the phone itself, today BSNL The network of Jio, Airtel or Reliance serves to connect from house to house in one place. Advertisements related to education are presented in such a way that after reading, listening people get confused that if the eighth failed, tenth failed student can do BA directly, then what is the need to study in college for three years? Needed ?

Marriage advertisements, job advertisements, astrology advertisements – advertisements in every field. Cheating started through advertisements. Man gets caught believing in advertisements and gets cheated. The bigger, more attractive the colorful advertising, the more trust and deception of the customer. Such incidents are often seen on the pages of newspapers and in the news which were cheated due to advertising. There are many features in the differences of advertising, but these advertisements are very capable of taking advantage of the compulsion of man. Therefore, one should be careful not to fall blind in the blinding of advertisements and believe. They should not be affected.

Must be limited to information and know the experiences of people who have been cheated or taken advantage of.Advertisers should avoid abusive, flashy – flashy advertisements during the advertising phase. They have far-reaching effects on society. While living in the society, advertisements should be done by staying within the social limits. The government has a dual nature that on one hand such advertisements are given which cause side effects in children and the law punishes them if they go on the wrong path. The government should stop such advertisements.

Discussing with psychologists, sociologists – scientists should consider their side effects and stop them, but it seems that the government does not even have the will power to reach or stop those companies. Therefore, fearlessly serving the society through advertisements is not beneficial to the society. Today, the profit from the advertisements is less than the profit expected from the society, the loss is more. News about black losses from liquids was reported from newspapers, yet there was no restriction and no control over them. There is no improvement in the tendency to dig a well when a fire occurs. Advertisements show their influence. It does not make any effort to improve us, there is no question of improving ourselves. Therefore, advertising has its own distinct identity. Advertisements used to be for the public interest, but today they are synonymous with exploitation of the consumer’s mindset.

How much truth in advertisements cannot be said with confidence today. Therefore, it is better for consumers to beware of advertisements. The glare of advertisements has made it more likely to be cheated on Chowdhian. The basic purpose of advertisements has disappeared.

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